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Flight Sharing and the future of light aviation

Flight Sharing and the future of light aviation.

Carpooling, Boatsharing ... The sharing economy has good days ahead. And even more in the world of private aviation. Why do we think that?

Flight sharing is beneficial for all stakeholders in private aviation.

Pilot's side: as we all know aviation is a world of enthusiasts. The more pilots fly, the better they are! But like all passions, it has a cost, rather high. That is why, today, it is common to see some flight sharing posts on flying clubs boards or on web forums: nothing more normal than sharing a flight to be able to share fees with passengers! Coavmi allows pilots to be more visible to those passengers wishing to take advantage of empty seats on private flights.

Flying club side, owning aircraft has a cost. Between the cost for the aircraft purchasing, maintenance, major visits, insurance ... you better be certain that the aircraft will fly enough to make this investment profitable. The more frequently aircraft are rented  to pilots the better it is ! While remaining within the framework of European regulations, flight sharing allows more frequent aircraft renting, which is indirectly interesting for flying clubs, and local communities will receive more airport taxes if more flights are made.

On the federal aviation side, in 2014 the number of pilots licensees has decreased. However, Europe has one of the finest aviation infrastructure! it would be unfortunate not to be used by a greater number of pilots! We hope that thanks to flight sharing, passengers may want on day get their pilot's license to, knowing that their passion can then be shared with other curious.

Flight Sharing with Coavmi is beneficial for everyone, so enjoy!

Safe Flight!

Coavmi Team


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Firstfly A. Thanks for sharing a piece of valuable information to us. keep on sharing like this.

Le 12/06/2019 12:07 | Report

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